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Performed Plays:

  • The Infernal Machine (1993/94, Strumitsa Theater)

  • Rebellion in the Old Folks’ Home (1993/94, National Theater, Skopje, and Tears and Laughter Theater, Sofia, Bulgaria)

  • The Slavic Chest (1998/99, Dramatic Theater, Skopje)

  • Candide in Wonderland (1999/2000, Dramatic Theater, Skopje)

  • Dark dolls (2001, National Theater, Skopje)

  • The Navel of theWorld (2004, Macedonian National Theater, Skopje)

  • Kinegonda in Carlaland (2009, Dramatic Theater, Skopje)

  • The Border (2009, Small Drama Theatre of Bitola)

  • The Saint in the Darkness (Mother Theresa, alternative theatrical project, 2010)

  • Lead on the Pillow (2011)

  • Canine Genome (2012)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmv3lYXrd6Q; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRAlQLDwVgc

  • Fair Share, comedy (2012)

  • The Fall of Masada (2013)




National Award for Literature "Racin award" in 1993 for the best book of the year ("Frescoes and Grotesques")

National Award “Vojdan Chernodrinski” for the play "Rebellion in the Old Folks’ Home" (1994)

Special Award from the ZUMPRESS publisher for the novel "The Alphabet for the Disobedient" (1994)

National Award “Vojdan Chernodrinski” for the play "Candide in Wonderland" (2001)

Writers’ Association Award “Stale Popov” for best prose work in 2000 for "The Navel of the World"

“Utrinski Vesnik” Award for the best novel of the year in 2000 for "The Navel of the World"

National Award “Vojdan Chernodrinski” for the play "The Navel of the World" (based on the novel "The Navel of the World")

“Balkanika” Award for the best book in the Balkan literatures for 2001, for the novel "The Navel of the World"

Writers’ Association Award “Dimitar Mitrev” for best book in Theory of Literature for 2011

Regional Balkan Award "Petar Kocic 2012", for the Serbian edition of the novel "The Witch"

Grand Prix "Vojdan Chernodrinski 2012" for the play "Genetics of the Dogs"

Memberships: Macedonian Writers’ Association; Macedonian P.E.N. Centre




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