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Venko Andonovski (1964) - one of the bestselling Macedonian authors of all time. A novelist, a playwright, a critic…


His novel “The Navel of the World” has won the international award “Balkanika”, and so far is the first Macedonian winner of the award. This novel together with his most recent novel “The Witch” is the bestselling novel in Macedonia in the last two decades.


The plays he writes are lively and full of social criticism, genuine and witty humor. They attract many people to the theaters and are longtime hits in Macedonia. As an exception, his play “The Border” was played in hotel apartments, for only 20 viewers at a time. He is translated and staged in 10 different languages.


Venko Andonovski - teaches literature at the Faculty of Philology at the University in Skopje, if literature can in fact be taught. More than 20 years he has been a regular columnist in the Macedonian daily newspapers, just enough to never forget that his career began as a journalist in a student newspaper at the age of 16.